Ancient pre-christian rock wall and pre-historic cult site. Huge dry walls made of solid rocks with moat connect the towers built of rocks. At first class monument in Westphalia.

Archeological reserve:

Excavation work of the Preservation of Historic Monuments should shed some light into the darkness of pre-historic times. Perhaps one day they will be able to solve the mysteries about the past.

Protected areas:

The rocks and areas covered with scattered rocks are habitat of wild plants, scarce and endangered flowering plants, lichen and moss, in part as glacial relicts. At the same time they are the breeding ground of scarce kinds of birds, e.g. the peregrine falcon. A protected area with its own characteristics and of an exceptional beauty. Characterized by the rocks Bornstein, Goldstein, Feldstein and Ravenstein.

History of formation:

Created in the Devonian period, approximately 380 million years ago, through the pouring out of molten magma and by later folding, the porphyritic rocks stand in an upright position up to a height of 90 m on the Istenberg and are visible from al long distance.

Leisure time and hospitality:

Near the historic castle at the edge of the village Bruchhausen there is the restaurant/café Gutsschänke with a large brewer garden as well as an open area. The Fischerhütte (fishing cottage) at the lake is a target for fishermen and the finale of the Bruchhauser country party with a barbecue and program. Here, dragon flight pilots and hang gliding pilots find a magnificent area with flight allowance and installations.

Information and service center:

Pictures, texts and exhibitions about

  • the fascinating development of the Bruchhauser Steine 380 million years ago
  • the mysterious rock wall as a Fliehburg and cult site
  • the rare flora with glacial findings
  • the peregrine falcon and his breeding place

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